Monday, 24 October 2016

The Spoils
PHOTO PROMPT © Claire Fuller
                                                                                         Photo prompt © Claire Fuller

Every house that the soldiers ransacked had a sad tale to tell.
“They lied to us.”
“They fooled us.”
“There’s nothing but misery everywhere.”
The soldiers had won a victory but now felt defeated. They had not found even a trinket in the ransacked town.
He was hardly seventeen but had chosen to volunteer; he too wanted the riches promised by the war-lords.
He diffidently entered a house. He found nothing but wretchedness and some worthless things in a cupboard. A tear dropped from his eye; cupboard reminded him of his grandfather who too had collected similar worthless things in his cupboard.
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Word count 102

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Custom
As per the custom the flag should have been lowered, to honour the martyred soldier, when the news arrived. But she refused to believe and relent.
‘He could be missing. I know a case where a soldier came back after seven years. And when he saw his wife married to another man he was devastated.’
Many of them had heard that story.  But they could not tell the old women that they had witnessed his burial.
She was a mother and her faith was unshakeable, ‘He will come back.’
They all looked at the flag and silently filed past it.
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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook
Don’t ever dispose of this sewing machine.
He had never understood his father’s attachment to the junk that had been given a pride of place in his office
Your grandmother had used it for fifty years; this empire owes its origin to this machine.
The day his father chose to retire he moved to his father’s office; he had the sewing machine removed from its place.
By the end of day he was unsure of himself; everything had gone wrong.
You shouldn’t have shifted the machine, someone commented.
Don’t be superstitious.
But he was relieved when later he saw the machine back in his office.
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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Victory March
PHOTO PROMPT -© Vijayay Sundaram
They had won a great victory and everyone was rejoicing.
The streets were thronging with boisterous crowds. There was chest thumping and flag-waving all-around. The sky was lit with fireworks and air was bursting with victory cries.
She didn’t step out of her home. Six months back her warrior had been brought back in a casket. She was made to attend an elaborate burial ceremony. And then she was forgotten.
Her eight year old son was out there waving a flag.  She thought that there was something odd about that flag. She looked carefully and was surprised to see that it was painted red.
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Word count 104

Friday, 19 August 2016

The Game
                                                                                               Photo prompt © janet webb
 ‘Grandpa, that’s not possible? You never got stung?’
‘Only once; I recall that day vividly. A wasp had landed on my reading table. I pounced on it with a handkerchief in my hand and caught it. Very carefully and cleverly I exposed its tail. I used my right thumb and first finger like a pincer to pluck wasp’s sting. But before I could reach its sting, it stung me. Terrified, I released it. Soon my hand was swollen; the pain was unbearable.’
‘Your mama?’
‘She thrashed me. She disliked this game of tying strings to wasps’ legs.’
The kid laughed; he loved this part of the story.
A post for FridayFictioneers on a photo prompt. The post is partly inspired by a childhood incident.

Word count 107

Friday, 12 August 2016

The Team
The boy hobbled into the ground; clutched in his left arm was a football that his mother had gifted him. Although every step he took was painstaking yet his innocent face looked truly radiant for he had dressed like other players; but he was not a part of the team.
The mother looked through the window of her bedroom. She looked at her son and felt queasy; an irrepressible desire to scream rose in her heart. It was all her fault and she knew it. She clenched her fists, almost fiercely; the nails began to hurt her palms.
‘Why does my boy have to pay for my sins?’
The regret was soul-wrenching; more so because her mother had repeatedly warned her. But she had refused to listen to her. She wanted to punish her for being a bad mother; she had separated from her father when she was just five.
She eventually stopped using drugs; but by then it was too late. She gave birth to a deformed boy. Her son was handsome like his father but he was condemned to hobble all through his life.  
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and for Three WordWednesday: word prompts- painstaking, radiant, queasy.

Word count 186

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Grappling Iron
167 08 August 7th 2016
‘This is what we call a grappling iron. This one was from my ship.’
‘Grandpa, you were in the Navy? I didn’t know; did you ever fight a war?’
‘Did I never tell you the story when King Khamaanaa had attacked us? He was king of twenty islands. The islands were rich in gold and silver. King Khamaanaa had built a powerful navy. I was commanding a warship when his navy attacked. Twenty ships attacked my ship……..’
‘Last time you had said that a giant octopus had attacked your ship?’ the little kid asked. 
‘That was when I was in merchant navy…..’
‘But just now you said you were commanding a warship?’ the little boy would never let the old man complete his stories.
‘I commanded the warship when I was in Navy. Later….’
‘Tell me about the giant octopus. Was it even bigger than your ship?’
‘I will tell you if you promise not to interrupt me.’
‘I promise.’
The old man smiled for he knew that boy would keep his promise only for a few minutes. But he was excited by the little boy’s irrepressible urge to ask questions. His only regret was that the grandson would leave after three days; his father had been called back for an urgent meeting. 

The old man did not know when would they visit him again.

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